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Can you think of the last time you picked up a pen to write and it didn’t have someone’s information on it? Do you know why that is? Because including your personal contact information or company number on a quality promotional item has lasting effects. You’re literally putting your name in the consumer’s hands when they drink a cup of coffee, write a note, or open a letter…and your name is on the item they’re using to do it with.

We’re willing to bet that of the last 10 places you frequented, at least one of them has found a well-used place within your home to remind you that they are there when you need their services or products again. Been to Wal-Mart lately? Chances are you have a plastic bag or two filling a small trash can (somewhere in your home)…and that’s a Promotional Product.

Our line of quality Promotional Products is here to not only promote your business, service, or industry, but to fill an honest need in your customer’s lives. Coffee Cups, Sports Bottles, Quality Ink Pens, and so much more! Take a few minutes and see how you could spice-up the next sales meeting with these great Promotional Products… Find your promotional here!

Cups and Mugs

Who doesn’t need a cup or a mug? From sports bottles and “coozies”, to coffee mugs and glasses, if it can hold liquid, chances are, we can get your name on it! Great for conversation…even better for sales.

Other great promotional products include:

  • Hats
  • Letter Openers
  • Magnets
  • Mouse Pads
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Shirts and Coats

Signs and Banners

Very few things in life announce your business as well as a well designed Sign or Banner. Image is everything –
but the real drive, is saying it LOUD!

At Tom’s Printing, we are AVID believers that signs and banners do a wonderful job of getting your products and services NOTICED by potential clients and customers…which is why we not only provide quality and durability in our signage products, but great design. Image is everything in business, and having your business easily recognizable is one of our chief concerns in every design and product we offer.

Signs and banners include:

  • Auto Magnets
  • Banners – 1 sided
  • Banners – 2 sided
  • Door Window Lettering
  • Sign / Banner Resurfacing
  • Yard Signs

Stickers, Seals & Stamps

Keep it from falling out!
Keep it all together with these great custom seals and stickers…
Tired of writing your address, signature or number-series over, and over, and over? Make a stamp!

  • Labels – Durable
  • Labels – Mailing
  • Labels – Weatherproof
  • Seals – Weatherproof
  • Stamps – Rubber
  • Stamps – Self Inking